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DuPont Digital Printing Expands Sales of Digital Textile Inks to OEMs


DuPont Digital Printing has announced that, effective early 2008, DuPont Artistri digital ink technology, previously available only as part of the DuPont Artistri digital textile printing system, will be available broadly through select OEM partners and others.

The move will enhance the company’s digital ink offering and position DuPont Digital Printing to participate more effectively in the rapidly growing digital textile printing market.  

As part of its expanded focus on digital inks, DuPont Digital Printing is exploring other equipment solutions that would take full advantage of its high-value ink products. Consistent with this new direction, the company will continue to sell Artistri and Cromaprint equipment until early 2008.

DuPont Digital Printing will continue to provide uninterrupted equipment service and support to the Artistri and Cromaprint installed customer base. In addition, the company will continue to provide digital inks for textiles and UV graphics to the installed customer base while expanding its digital ink development and sales.

“We have developed world-class industrial digital ink technologies that allow our customers to produce color any way they want it on a wide variety of substrates, including textiles and rigid and flexible signage substrates,” said Michael Moore, global business manager, industrial inks. “Our global installed base of over 250 DuPont Artistri systems has demonstrated the outstanding performance and quality of our digital textile ink technology. We believe the digital textile market will have significant value for these well-proven ink sets and we are excited about expanding upon our 20 years of core digital ink science and expertise to benefit the textile industry more broadly.”   

The digital textile ink offering includes the aqueous based Artistri 700 series - disperse, acid, reactive, pigment and Solar Brite ink sets, for medium viscosity printheads.  For lower viscosity print heads the Artistri 500 series acid dye and reactive dye inks will be offered.  DuPont Digital Printing will continue to seek out opportunities in the direct-to-garment digital printing marketplace with their P5000 series ink set.  
         “Our commitment to best in class service and support to our customers will remain a priority,” said Frank Dotterer, global business manager – Digital Printing Systems.  “And we will continue to develop and sell premium digital inks for textile and graphics applications worldwide.”

The Digital Printing business unit is part of the Imaging Technologies division of DuPont and focuses on providing color any way you want it through technology, products and services for many digital printing applications, packaging graphics solutions, ink jet ink and specialty colorants, authentication products, and display enhancements.