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Sun Chemical Introduces Synergy UV Products


Sun Chemical announced the launch of Synergy, the first product offering that combines new UV ink, coating, press conditioner, wash and fountain solution chemistries all formulated to simplify UV printing.  Synergy is the only “system solution” designed for UV printing applications. 
“The Synergy concept consists of products that are carefully matched chemically to provide unmatched UV press performance, productivity and promote ease of use,” said Jim Bishop, UV product manager.  Synergy products are specially formulated to speed make-ready, simplify ink and water balance settings and reduce start-up waste. 
Sun Chemical will offer Synergy inks for sheetfed, web, high gloss and plastic applications.  Based upon a new resin chemistry that is 100% UV based, these inks can also run on hybrid presses when UV approved hybrid rollers are used. 
According to Mr. Bishop, Synergy sheetfed and web inks provide excellent lithographic performance at high press speeds. The high gloss series does not require UV coating. The plastic series offers excellent adhesion on a wide variety of plastics for display and card applications.  A three-year outdoor fade-resistant set is available. Synergy plastic inks also allow printers to set up jobs using paper, which simplifies make-ready and helps reduce the high start-up costs associated with plastic printing  
Additionally, Sun Chemical will introduce a new line of Synergy UV plastic coatings, which are specifically formulated to work well with any UV plastic ink, but offer unmatched performance when used in combination with other Synergy products. 
Sun Chemical’s pressroom supplies division, Rycoline, worked closely with Sun’s energy curables ink team to develop two new Synergy fountain solutions for UV applications.  These new fountain solutions help improve the lithographic performance of any UV ink, but are designed specifically to perform best when used with Synergy inks.  The new fountain solutions enhance cure speed , help reduce waste and address fountain solution tank contamination issues  Rycoline will also introduce a new high performance UV wash to accent the entire Synergy line.
Sun Chemical will also offer a Synergy UV press conditioner to help ensure that new press rollers are properly conditioned before use.  This enables more efficient start-ups when new rollers are used or during transitions from conventional ink to UV on hybrid presses.