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Inksolutions, LLC Named Ink Distributor for Dong Yang


Direct Ink Corporation has appointed Inksolutions, LLC and its subsidiary, Westcoast Inksolutions, as its exclusive distributor of Dong Yang lithographic printing inks in the U.S. Dong Yang was founded in 1948 and is now the leading and largest ink manufacturer in South Korea. They distribute in more than 30 countries worldwide. Their technical institute in Pyungtaek, Korea has developed state-of-the-art, innovative lithographic inks for many years to support this growth.
Inksolutions is a privately held company with manufacturing facilities in Elk Grove Village, IL and Commerce, CA. Inksolutions was started in 2001 for the purpose of supplying litho ink makers a wide range of products, tailored to their needs. They produce a full range of: vehicles, overprint varnishes and additives. They represent DurChems’ metal drier line, and they also distribute a complete line of oils and other additives to litho ink companies.
Inksolutions and Westcoast Inksolutions is in a unique position to have a well seasoned sales and R&D staff and two distinctive plants, coupled with a complete line of products to offer dependable, high quality products, backed with a true dedication to the ink maker.