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Sun Chemical Screen Introduces Ink System for Mimaki Printers


Further broadening its ink portfolio within the digital wide-format sector, Sun Chemical Screen is introducing its S-Tech bulk ink feed system, which was developed specifically for installation on the Mimaki JV3 range of inkjet printers.
S-Tech is an easy-to-fit ancillary system that gives Mimaki JV3 users the freedom to adopt Sun Chemical Screen's range of Streamline solvent digital inks. This allows them to realise the cost savings of using a value-for-money bulk ink product.
The S-Tech system can be fitted by a press operator. Installing it is a straightforward process that does not require modifications to either the hardware or software in the press. S-Tech incorporates a sensor to ensure ink delivery is kept at a constant level and carefully controls the ink reservoir levels to give consistent ink pressure on the printheads.
"Approximately 8,000 printers in Europe use Mimaki JV3 presses and could benefit from adopting the S-Tech bulk feed system,” Tony Cox, digital business and marketing manager, Sun Chemical Screen, said. “It offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) pre-filled cartridges.  As well as reducing the printer's outlay on consumables, S-Tech reduces down-time as the large-capacity 600ml ink tanks can be topped up on the run, even while the printer is in operation.  This can significantly increase productivity. What is the point of having a high-speed digital press installed if you have to stop it running to refill the ink?  S-Tech provides a highly practical solution to maintaining this machine up-time.
"Printers often don't realise there are alternative products available in the market and often believe that swapping consumables is too risky or complicated," added Mr. Cox. "With products like S-Tech bulk feed system, Sun Chemical Screen makes the process of changing ink suppliers safe, fast and financially beneficial."