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Price Increase for Huber Group Printing Inks, Coatings and Auxiliaries in Europe


The global markets for the raw materials required to manufacture printing inks have for quite some time been dominated not only by continuously rising prices but also by a growing shortage of these resources.

Despite stagnating or even temporarily falling prices for crude oil, the overall costs of ink production have seen a distinct increase.  Responsible for this increase are considerable price rises for energy and raw materials (such as resins and refined oils) and a keen price situation in the logistics sector as a whole.

This means it has become absolutely essential for the Huber Group to align the European retail prices of its inks, coatings and auxiliaries accordingly. Since the price trends in the various product sectors differ according to the different raw materials used, the increase in prices will be negotiated on a customer-by-customer basis in line with the impact of these increased raw material costs in the various product sectors.