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Sun Chemical Acquires Envoy Communications Group’s UK Holdings


The Sun Chemical Group completed its acquisition of Envoy Communications Group Inc.’s UK subsidiaries; ECG Holdings (UK) Ltd., Watt Gilchrist Ltd. and Parker Williams Design Ltd.
Watt Gilchrist, headquartered in Leeds, UK, is one of the leading graphic arts companies in the UK while London-based Parker Williams is one the leading packaging design and brand development firms in the UK. The acquisition will enable Sun Chemical to better serve its customers in the areas of packaging development and color management and also create new opportunities for Watt Gilchrist and Parker Williams. The acquisition includes the ODIN packaging and digital asset management system.
“This addition will greatly enhance Sun Chemical’s understanding of packaging market trends and customer needs,” said Dr. David Hill, president and CEO of Sun Chemical. “The acquisition of Watt Gilchrist and Parker Williams will allow Sun Chemical to provide superior service to customers in the packaging segment and other markets requiring sophisticated color management.”
Paul Bean, managing director of Watt Gilchrist added, “Our combined portfolio of products, and services, and color management technologies will provide faster design and launch of new package concepts to package goods companies and retailers.”
“We are all excited about the opportunity to tap into global trends and new innovative packaging technology which this deal creates,” Kate Bradford, managing director of Parker Williams Design added.