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Flint Group Printing Plates Puts New Production Plant for Flexo Plates Into Operation


After a two-year construction period, Flint Group Printing Plates put its new production plant for flexo plates into operation in Willstätt, Germany. For the inauguration of the new plant on July 28, 2006, Flint Group Printing Plates invited all employees who made this project a success as well as representatives of the Willstätt area. As regional representatives, the district chief executive of the Ortenau district, Klaus Brodbeck, and Willstätt's mayor and vice-mayor, Artur Kleinhans and Tobias Fahrner, followed Flint Group's invitation.

In his introduction, Dr. Thomas Telser, president of Flint Group Printing Plates, gave a short historical overview starting from the beginning of Flint Group Printing Plates (formerly BASF Drucksysteme) to its current success.

"A good business development made us foresee reaching our production capacity within a short time and lead to the decision to invest in a new production plant two years ago. I am pleased to be able to say today that the development over the past two years has proven us right," explained Dr. Telser. "The new capacity enables us to further develop our worldwide business and also ensures delivery to our existing customers. We also show the market our long term commitment to the printing plates business with the new production plant."

About 300 employees work for Flint Group Printing Plates at the Willstätt site. Besides printing plates, printing inks for packaging applications are also produced there.