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FSCT Publishes Service Life Book


The FSCT has announced the publication of Service Life Prediction: Challenging the Status Quo, featuring the papers presented at the Third Service Life Symposium, held in February 2004 in Sedona, AZ.
The 432-page, hardbound book focuses on the latest scientific and technical advances leading to more reliable and quantitative predictions of the weathering performance of polymeric materials. Service Life Prediction offers a critical examination of current and alternative service life prediction methods, and reports on advances in laboratory and field exposure testing. Focus is given to advances in informatics, high-throughput and combinatorial methods, predictive models, data collection and data storage methods, and decision support systems.
Editors of the publication are Jonathan W. Martin, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Dr. Rose A. Ryntz, Visteon Corporation; and Dr. Ray A. Dickie, editor of Journal of Coatings Technology Research.

List price for Service Life Prediction: Challenging the Status Quo is $195; the cost for FSCT members is $150, plus shipping and handling.
This publication and a wide variety of valuable new references are available online at the FSCT Publications Store, and by contacting FSCT at 492 Norristown Rd., Blue Bell, PA 19422-2350; (610) 940-0777; fax: (610) 940-0292; email: