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Degussa Begins Production of Alumina, Cationic-Silica Dispersions in North America


Degussa’s Aerosil business line commenced production in October of fumed alumina and cationic-silica dispersions at its North American dispersion plant in Mobile, AL. These specialty products are ideally suited to meet the demanding needs of the highly competitive inkjet paper industry.
Production of fumed alumina and cationic silica dispersions within North America will expand Degussa’s portfolio of domestically produced specialty dispersions. They are used to  produce inkjet paper coatings for commercial as well as non-commercial applications, ranging from birthday cards and CD labels to high-end glossy photo paper.
The inkjet paper industry recognizes the value of microporous paper coating systems for use with dye and pigment-based ink systems alike. Degussa, with its vast expertise in fumed metal oxide technology, is committing its resources toward strengthening and enhancing the quality of products available to this industry.