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Harper Celebrates First Anniversary Of Intense Flexo Training


In keeping with its dedication to flexo education, Harper Corporation of America is marking the completion of the first year of its “Basics of Flexo” class.
“We initiated this class at Central Piedmont Community College for our employees,” said Margie Kluttz, Harper executive vice president, “to give them a firm understanding of how our product, the anilox roll, and how each one of their roles in creating the highest quality anilox rolls available, affects the larger picture of flexo printing.”
With a format that includes both lectures and hands-on training, the class covers the entire flexo process, from pre-press through cleaning the press at the end of a run.
“It was a great experience,” said Ryan Stegall, Harper superfinish technician. “Naturally, I understood the function of an anilox roll before I attended the class, but now I’ve actually operated a flexographic press and understand flexographic printing as a whole. I’ve seen for myself the difference the anilox roll makes on press.”

The Basics of Flexo class takes place at the Harper National Flexographic Center on the Harper Campus of Central Piedmont Community College. Nearly all of Harper Corporations’ manufacturing employees have attended, and the customer service team is beginning to take the class. Eventually, all Harper employees will complete the Basics of Flexo class.