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Kolorfusion Launches New Technology, Announces Agreement with Hilord


Kolorfusion International, Inc., Denver, CO, has launched a new dye sublimation technology that opens up new markets for color coating in outdoor and other color-challenging environments.
Kolorfusion is launching its product with Hilord Chemical, Hauppauge, NY, a manufacturer of digital printing inks, both dye- and pigment-based, which has had an extensive R&D department for specialty polymers and coatings for the past 30 years. Kolorfusion and Hilord have entered an agreement whereby the they will develop and manufacture Kolorfusion’s new sublimation coating products using Hilord’s dyes.
“Our breakthrough surface decoration technology has allowed us to investigate and develop very unique coatings,” said Steve Nagel, president of Kolorfusion. “We can now print any image digitally, and then put that image into our coatings, which can then be exposed to architectural outdoor standards.”