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Pantone Adds 175 New Colors to Product Spectrum


Pantone has added 175 new colors to the more than 1,700 already in the Pantone product spectrum to meet the needs of fashion-savvy customers.
“We’re dealing with an entirely new type of shopper than we were five years ago,” said Lisa Herbert, executive vice president, home and fashion, at Pantone. “They’re not just looking for a white set of sheets or a black wastepaper basket. Now they want the product by the famous designer in new, modern color. We’ve added 175 new shades just for this reason.”
The new colors range from hot, jazzy shades like tango red and fusion coral to soft, delicate tones such as peach blush and vanilla custard. The green family welcomes new shades like wasabi and lily pad, while new inspirational blues include tide pool, angel falls and cosmic sky, according to the company.
“Whether they evoke emotions associated with delicious food, a serene place or a beautiful view, these new colors are designed to play to the shopper’s feelings,” said Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute. “The emotional aspect to these new colors is part of the entire shopping experience they are now seeking.”

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Expands CTC Analytics OEM Agreement
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., (SSI), of Columbia, MD and CTC Analytics AG, Zwingen, Switzerland, have entered into an OEM agreement, expanding the current Shimadzu Corp. OEM agreement for North America and Latin America. This expanded agreement allows SSI to sell and market CTC’s HTS Pal and CombiPal autosamplers in conjunction with Shimadzu’s HPLC, LC.MS, LC/MS front-ends, GC and GC/MS systems. This partnership provides SSI with reseller rights for the autosamplers, to be known as the SIL-5000 (HPLC) and AOC-5000 (GC).

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