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Ian Collins Remembered by Colleagues


Ian Collins, Wolstenholme International’s director of sales and marketing, Asia Pacific, died Feb. 17, 2003. Mr. Collins had been based with his wife Roslyn in Kuala Lumpur since 1996, and they saw Kuala Lumpur as their home. Their son Daniel was born there in 1997 and they hoped to live there together for many years.
Mr. Collins worked for Wolstenholme International for more than 18 years, having started as a technical assistant and developed his career through various technical and sales roles. He worked together in partnership in the Kuala Lumpur office with his wife, who was Wolstenholme’s regional technical services manager.
Mr. Collins had the respect of his colleagues and friends both in Wolstenholme and throughout the industry, and he will be sadly missed.