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Successful Cooperation in Antimicrobial Material Protection Extended


For more than 15 years, Clariant and Sanitized have been providing comprehensive solutions for the microbial protection of textiles, plastics, paper and leather. The management of the two companies has now confirmed and extended this cooperation.
With innovative products and new technologies, Clariant and Sanitized are now striving for a leading position in the market for antimicrobial material protection.With the textile industry in mind, Sanitized has developed a patented product technology with which all conventional textiles can be treated. This product also sets new standards in terms of performance and durability.
The end of June 2001 saw the launch of a new series of inorganic and organic additives which provide antimicrobial protection for plastics. The products are available in powder, liquid and masterbatch form. They can be supplied in the form which best meets customer requirements.
Cooperation with Sanitized has enabled Clariant to expand its product range for the most varied of applications.