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NYPIMA and NYPIPC Announce Merger


The New York Printing Ink Manufacturers Association (NYPIMA) and  the New York Printing Ink and Pigments Club (NYPIPC) have announced that as of January 2001, they have combined to form the Metro New York Printing Ink Association (MNYPIA).
According to the MNYPIA, its mission is “to develop management, technical and research skills amongst its members; provide education resources; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas; promote the good and welfare of its members; and continuously supporting the image of the printing ink industry to the graphic communications industry.”
The mission will be fulfilled through regular program meetings featuring experts and panel discussions, as well as plant tours of member companies and graphic communications firms.
MNYPIA membership is open to all those employed and/or associated with the printing ink industry and related fields. Both individuals and corporations can hold membership and a “lifetime member” category has been created for long-time members who have retired.
For more information, contact the MNYPIA at (212) 973-1397.