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Lyson Introduces Presstex Heat Transfer Paper


Lyson has introduced Presstex as the latest addition to its digital textile range. This is a high quality digital heat transfer paper developed for ink jet printing with water-based inks containing disperse sublimation dyestuffs—transferring the image onto polyester and polyester blend textiles. Transfer to other media, such as metal, glass and ceramics, may be achieved if a polyester coatings is applied first.
In the digital sublimation transfer process, an image is ink jet printed onto Presstex and, using heat and pressure from a heat press, the image is bonded onto the substrate at a molecular level.
Sublimation transfer with Presstex on polyester fabrics promises performance which far exceeds conventional cold or hot peel transfer, where traditional ink jets are used in conjunction with a transfer paper that has been coated simply with a polymer layer. This layer, along with the image, is transferred to the substrate and, while it provides adhesion and a degree of protection, stability and color vibrance are relatively poor.
Presstex heat transfer paper offers significant advantages in comparison to regular matte ink jet paper, which is designed to just receive and bond inks to the paper after printing. Presstex also accommodates inks at printing but it goes one step further by releasing those inks cleanly during transfer on the substrate. After heat pressing, the paper is left carrying barely a shadow of the original print and an overall reduction in ink consumption is achieved. It can therefore produce vibrant, deep shades successfully and economically on the textile.

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