RadTech 2022 Completes Successful Show


This year’s conference featured a wide range of new technologies in UV, UV LED and EB as key topics such as sustainability continue to come into focus.

RadTech International North America, The Association for Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Technologies, just concluded RadTech 2022, its biennial show in Orlando, FL. During the four-day session, there were numerous concurrent sessions, featuring the latest in UV, UV LED and EB technologies for applications ranging from food packaging and wood coatings to additive manufacturing and much more.

From regulatory issues to sustainability, expert panels looked at the issues facing energy curing, while exhibitors showed what they have been working on for the past two years.

Mickey Fortune, associate executive director for RadTech, said that RadTech 2022 exceeded expectations, particularly in terms of end users.

“From our perspective, the show was fantastic,” said Fortune. “Our numbers are a little less but that was to be expected – our end user counts are higher that they have ever been, with more printers and high-tech companies than we have ever had, from 3D companies printing lungs and other human organs to companies supplying hardware to the Metaverse. We are really excited about the future of the technology based on the conversations we’ve had at the show.”

From the exhibitor’s perspective, Siltech’s Robert Ruckle was pleased with RadTech 2022.

“The ebb and flow of RadTech is unique, because when the conference breaks, it gets busy,” Ruckle observed. “Overall, we’ve had really good traffic and leads. Peole are looking to do business.”

Natasha Banke of INX International Ink Company presented a talk during the Regulatory session and moderated the Analytics session. Banke said she was impressed with the presentations, and was happy to be attending an in-person event rather than a virtual conference.

“The sessions have been really good – I chaired the Analytical Session and it had some terrific research in it,” Banke noted. “It’s definitely nice to not be staring at a screen.”

Rebecca Cichy of INX International Ink said that RadTech 2022 was a valuable experience.

“There are a lot of new people, and it’s nice to match the faces to the names,” Cichy said. “I’ve been in non-stop meetings.”