Sustainability and the Ink Industry

Ink manufacturers are making sustainability a key focus; here is some of the latest news as well as statements from some ink industry leaders.

By David Savastano, Editor 10.08.20
Ink manufacturers are releasing new environmentally-friendly inks and sustainability reports. Here's the latest from industry leaders, as well their thoughts on sustainability.

Siegwerk has developed a recyclable printing ink system for flexography, launched a Circular Economy website and developed SICURA Plast SP offset inks with outstanding deinking properties.
hubergroup was the main partner of the 2020 Cradle to Cradle Congress and introduced ECO-PERFECT-DRY sheetfed inks.
Flint Group committed to the UN Global Compact for Sustainability and launched TerraCode, a sustainable water-based ink and coating range for paper and board.
Sun Chemical organized a strategic committee to drive sustainability in the packaging market and developed SunPak FSP offset inks, based on renewable bio-based material, for food packaging.
INX joined CEFLEX and introduced BSR-Bio, an environmentally friendly, UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applications. 
HP's Sustainability Impact efforts helped drive more than $1.6 people in sales wins in 2019. HP set a goal to eliminate 75% of single-use packaging by 2025 and announced a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to restore and protect 200,000 acres of forest.
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