Sustainability and Regulatory, Electronics Among Areas of Interest for RadTech 2020


Closes with sessions on electronics, equipment, sustainability and regulatory, photoinitators, kinetics, global markets and more.

The final day for RadTech 2020 is Wednesday, March 11, and features some of the most important topics, particularly the field of Sustainability & Regulatory.

Sustainability & Regulatory will be the focus of talks by Brett Van Horn, Sartomer Americas; Brigitte Lindner, RAHN USA; Marika Morone, IGM Resins; and Marcia Kinter, SGIA.

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Endurance Testing Systems; Hwa-il Jin, Samsung Electronics; Neal T. Pfeiffenberger, Sartomer; and Selina Monick-am, Pixelligent Technologies, LLC will present during the Electronics portion.

Equipment will be analyzed by Charlie Cooper, Illinois Accelerator Research Center, Fermi National Accelerator La-boratory; Robert Saenger, IST America; Mike J. Idacavage, Radical Curing LLC; and Tilman Weiss, sglux GmbH.

Aftre the break, sessions will focus on Photoinitiators, Adhesives and New Product Debut III.

Photoinitiators will be discussed by Nir Waiskopf, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Shuhua Jin, Henkel; Stephen R Postle, IGM Resins; and Robin Wright, Wright Way UV Consulting. Adhesives will be the covered by Ling Li, Henkel; Marcus Hutchins, allnex; Shabbir Attarwala, Henkel; and Willy Du, Wraio Chemicals.

New Product Debut III will have segments led by Kevin Joesel, Heraeus Noblelight America; Aki Kanaya, Nip-pon Shokubai Co., Ltd.; Deivis Parejo, Honle UV; Andrew Brannon, American Ultraviolet; Jill Fowler, International Light Technologies, Inc.; Jeff Norris, Lubrizol Advanced Materials; Eric Zhou and Dr. Chen Liang, Changzhou Tronly New Electronic Materials Co.; and Brian Sullivan, Energy Sciences Inc.

After lunch, the final three sessions, Global Market Overview, Kinetics and New Product Debut IV, will be offered.

Global Market Overview, with separate looks at North America, China and Europe, will be given by Eileen Weber, allnex and presi-dent, RadTech North America; Jun Nie, RadTech China; and Paul Kelly, RadTech Europe/Luxsit Ltd., respectively.

Kinetics will be the focus of talks by Kangmin Kim, University of Colorado Boulder; Martin Thompson, Domino Printing; Sage Schissel, PCT Ebeam and Integration, LLC; and Yanxi Zhang, Netzsch Instruments North America.

New Product Debut IV will include talks by Kevin Joesel, Heraeus Noblelight America; Joe Lichtenhan, Hybrid Plastics; Mu-rali Ku-mar, Luminus Devices; Michael Knoblauch, Keyland Polymer Material Sciences; Eileen Weber, allnex; and Jerry Lu, Double Bond Chem., USA.

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