Sartomer Showcases UV Chemistry for Coatings at RadTech 2016


Technologies include soft touch acrylates, UV PUDs and dual-cure oligomers.

Sartomer Americas, a business unit of Arkema Inc., will showcase UV-curable chemistry that enhances the look, feel, and cure of coatings at RadTech 2016. The event takes place May 16 to 18 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel in Rosemont, IL. These are crucial properties for coatings, since both the look and feel of a product greatly influence customers’ buying decisions. The technology to be discussed includes soft touch acrylates, UV PUDs, and dual-cure oligomers. RadTech attendees can stop by Sartomer’s booth 501 during the show to speak with Sartomer experts about their UV coatings formulation needs.
Sartomer will highlight two UV PUDs (CN9500, CN9501) and two dual-cure oligomers (CN9062, CN9302). The UV PUDs contribute hardness and abrasion resistance without being brittle. They also create a warm appearance on wood and are easily matted to a low-gloss finish. Dual-cure oligomers impart specific resistance and curing properties, such as weatherability and toughness. Both of these technologies have utility in adhesives, coatings, electronics, and inks.
Sartomer will also be highlighting CN6500, CN6501, and CN6502 soft touch acrylate oligomers. Soft touch acrylates give UV-cured coatings the high-end luxurious feel and appearance of a rubbery, velvety, or silky surfaces. Common applications include automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, luxury packaging, handheld appliances, and printing special effects.
Attendees can learn more about soft touch coating technology during this presentation “How Does it Feel? Recent Advances in UV-Curable Soft Touch Coatings” by Lisa Spagnola, Ph.D., May 18 at 8:30 a.m.