Miwon Highlights New Acrylates for Inks, Wood and Nails


Displays Miramer LED-curable and urethane acrylates.

Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. launched a wide variety of products during RadTech 2016, including LED-curable and urethane acrylates for inks, nails and wood.
Miramer ES100 is a LED curable acrylate material. It reduces oxygen inhibition and exhibits low odor and viscosity.
“It is very effective,” said Miwon CTO Dr. Won Bae. “It improves surface reactivity and is fast curing. It is provides low odor and low viscosity, and is designed for flexo and offset inks.”
Miramer ES110N is designed for nail gels. It provides good hardness, high reactivity to UV LED light, low odor and low viscosity.
Miwon also showcased four water dispersion urethane acrylates. Miramer WB2210NT and Miramer WB2212NT are non-physical drying types that provide excellent adhesion on wood; WB2210NT is also effective or inkjet inks. Miramer WB2812NT and Miramer WB2900NT are two physical drying types designed for wood topcoats.