Siltech Introduces Silmer OHT


Among the key benefits of Silmer OHT is excellent stain resistance.

During RadTech 2016, Siltech Corportation is highlighting its Silmer OHT-xx series of hydroxyalkyl modified silicones.
The  Silmer OHT-xx Series are 100 percent active materials that have four primary hydroxyl groups available for reaction and hydrogen bonding. Each end of the silicone polymer is functionalized with a branched alkyl group with two primary groups.
Silmer OHT Di-10, Silmer OHT Di-50 and Silmer OHT Di-100 differ in the chain length of the silicone backbone. They are designed to have limited miscibility with organic formulations allowing them to bloom to the surface and provide slip, mar and stain resistance, as well as release properties. 
“Silmer OHT offers really good stain resistance almost to the fluorocarbon level without the fluorocarbons,” said Robert Ruckle, global marketing and sales manager for Siltech Corporation. “It also works well for emulsions for personal care formulations. We are receiving a lot of interest in this.”