BASF Highlights Latest Products at RadTech 2016


Will show products for furniture and flooring, industrial coatings, commercial, packaging and digital printing.

BASF highlights its energy curable technologies and product offerings for furniture and flooring, industrial coatings, commercial and digital printing, paper and paperboard and flexible packaging markets at the 2016 RadTech conference, May 16-18 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago.
Visitors to the BASF booth can see a portfolio of resins, binders, pigments, pigment preparations, effect pigments, specialty formulation, performance additives and minerals, and systems to meet specific applications and customer needs.
 “This event allows us to share our formulation expertise and breadth and depth of our product offerings with customers across market sectors,” said Gerry Podesta, SVP, BASF Dispersions & Pigments, North America. “Customers can discuss BASF’s sustainable solution technologies with expert formulators, and how they can achieve their requirements for improved performance while addressing needs for low migration solutions for sensitive applications, formulation recommendations for UV ink jet inks, formulation additive solutions for pigment dispersing, flow, leveling, and defoaming, novel photoinitiators for surface cure and low migration applications, and innovative resins for furniture and flooring applications.
BASF will also present the following papers at the main technical presentation section of the conference:
• Paul Share, “Recent Advances in Low Viscosity, Low Migration, Fast Curing UV/EB Resin Technology” on May 16 at 1:00 p.m.
• Dev Nagvekar, “How the Selection of Raw Materials Can Impact Print Speeds in Digital Printing” on May 16 at 3:00 p.m.
In addition, BASF will highlight the following products during the show and share how these technologies can improve their ink, furniture, and flooring coating formulations:
• Solyfast 0010 is a photo-latent, tin-free metal catalyst that activates when exposed to UV light and enables fast curing with reduced energy consumption. It is compatible with HDI based polyisocyanates and 2K-PUR with the ability to process at low temperatures and provides long pot-life. Solyfast 0010 reduces waste and the curing footprint while providing a tin-free option for a healthier working environment and sustainable coatings in aerospace, general industry, household, and wind power.
• Laromer UA 9095 is a water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with excellent warmth of wood and adhesion to PVC. Fast drying with high chemical resistance and little to no yellowing. This product is well suited for kitchen cabinets, wood furniture, flooring and luxury vinyl tile substrates.
• Laromer UA 9064 is a fast drying, water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with good chemical and scratch resistance that shows little yellowing for wood furniture and flooring, as well as luxury vinyl tile and laminate substrates.
• Laromer PE 9105 is a new, low viscosity polyester tetra-acrylate that is suitable for flexographic and inkjet inks. It is a low molecular weight, multifunctional polyester acrylate oligomer that forms tough, flexible films on a wide variety of substrates including paper, board, plastic films and metals. Physical properties of the Laromer PE 9105 also suit the needs for field applied UV curable floor coatings.
• Laromer PR 9140 is a low viscosity, low migration oligomer for inks and coatings for sensitive applications.
• Irgacure LEX 201 and Irgacure 127 are photoinitiators that comply with Swiss list regulations. Irgacure 127 is a di-functional, AHK photoinitiator with excellent surface cure and low odor after curing. Irgacure LEX 201 is a dual function, low migration, low odor photoinitiator.