Domino K600i Meets Growing VDP Demand Amid Pandemic

By Ink World staff | 08.06.20

Now more than ever, brand owners are utilizing multiple SKUs and requiring variable data printing for their labels and packaging.

Even in the face of a global pandemic, the label industry has not slowed down. 


If anything, it has sped up. 


Consumers have been panic buying since the onset of COVID-19 causing brand owners to be busier than ever, especially in the sectors of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical. 


As a result, brand owners’ suppliers have been busier too. 


Label manufacturers are producing record numbers of labels and getting them out the door as quickly as they can. 


In turn, the adoption of digital printing has become more important now than ever for fast, efficient production as brand owners are utilizing multiple SKUs and requiring variable data printing (VDP) for their labels and packaging. 


And specifically, the need for printing bar codes, QR codes, sequential numbers for serialization, track and trace, security, brand protection, and anti-counterfeiting is even that much more important and critical now than ever before. 


“COVID-19 has potentially accelerated e-commerce by 5 years,” said Gary Peterson – Variable Data Solutions manager for Domino. “With people working from home and staying at home, the need to purchase items online has grown dramatically. And as families experience the benefits of e-commerce with easy online ordering and delivery to their front door, they are adapting it to their normal routine – much of which will continue even after lock-down restrictions ease up. This e-commerce surge has created an immediate increase for pre-printed bar code labels in the logistics supply chains. Domino customers have seen a 40 – 50% increase in demand for variable data labels and believe the trend will continue,” adds Peterson. 


The Domino K600i, a digital UV inkjet printer with hundreds of installations globally, is a proven and reliable choice for variable data printing.


Available in single bar and dual bar configurations in various widths, the Domino K600i enables label manufacturers to choose the best fit for their needs. 


The K600i prints seamlessly across the entire web-width and can be integrated onto flexo presses, rewinders, or finishing systems. 


The single bar prints at 246 fpm, and the dual bar at up to 492 feet per minute.


Domino created a video that introduced its new K600i dual bar, dual speed digital UV inkjet printer at Labelexpo 2018. 


Variable Data Applications

• Track product throughout the logistics supply chain;

• Traceability for food safety and product authentication;

• Shopper engagement and feedback tools/programs;

• Loyalty, gaming, and promotional opportunities;

• Meet requirements for state, federal, or global mandates


Markets Served by Variable Data

• Logistics & Reverse Logistics;

• Food Safety;

• Track & Trace;

• Promotional gaming & loyalty;

• RFID Integrations


VIDEO – Domino K600i dual bar, dual speed digital UV inkjet printer,