Chemical Industry’s Response to Crisis While in Crisis

By Dean Curtis, President and CEO of ICIS | 05.22.20

We often forget how vital the chemical industry is to our well-being, safety and daily lives. The stigma around the issue of plastics waste in the environment often overshadows the progress the industry has made in becoming one of the more sustainable producers of critical products.
In recent months, it has never been clearer just how important and responsive this industry is when faced with a global health crisis. The world has been left reeling from the impact of the coronavirus and the chemical industry has stepped in with incredible speed and agility to help struggling health authorities get the materials they need to help fight the virus – protecting our people on the front line to save lives.
Life-critical materials from chemical suppliers are required to produce antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, surfactants for soaps and personal protective equipment (PPE) suc

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