Inland Packaging Remains Open, at Full Strength Throughout Pandemic

By Ink World staff | 05.18.20

Inland supplies essential products to food, beverage, consumer goods, and health and medical industries.

As a manufacturer of labels and packaging, Inland Packaging is deemed an essential business and has remained open and operating at full strength throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Inland supplies essential products to food, beverage, consumer goods, and health and medical industries. 
Operations at each of Inland’s four facilities look different than before but the team at Inland has worked diligently to stay well-informed on the guidelines set out by CDC and government officials to ensure that our employees remain safe and healthy.   
With added precautions and processes being implemented throughout our production process, Inland’s employees have been working around the clock to ensure supply to customers providing essential items to consumers and businesses during this time of need. 
In March and April, Inland shipped over 4.1 billion labels to our customers across the country. Much of these products include food labels, water labels, labels for cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizers. We are committed to continuing to support our customers as they work diligently to keep up with increased demand. 
Many of our customers have found ways to pivot from their traditional products, such as beer to supply imperative products like sanitizer to not only help our communities but also benefit their business in these unusual times. We are thankful for our customer and supplier partners and know that together we will continue to keep store shelves stocked with the items people need most. 
“What I can say with full clarity and without hesitation is THANK YOU!  I've never been more proud of the Inland Family. Our orders remain very strong and I greatly appreciate what the Inland Team continues to do, over and above the normal, in this fight against the virus," said company president and CEO Mark Glendenning.