Last Updated Sunday, October 4 2015

Lawter Announces Price Increases for Rosin Resins

Published June 9, 2014
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Lawter Inc., a Harima Chemicals Group company, is announcing list and off list price increases for its rosin resin product lines effective July 1, 2014.
Tall oil rosin, the primary feedstock for Lawter’s resins, continues to increase in cost significantly. Since July of 2013, the cost of tall oil rosin has increased over 75%. Although the world benchmark for rosin, Chinese gum rosin, has been stable for the past several months, it has increased about 60% since July 2013. The tall oil rosin market price has lagged the pricing of the gum rosin market, but the gap has been closing rapidly the past several months.

Although Lawter is making every effort to mitigate these cost increases, the company reports it has no option but to pass along these increased costs. On average, Lawter’s hard resin prices are being increased $0.12/pound and dispersions $.05/pound.

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