Tom De Bartolo – Sun Chemical

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.01.13

Technical manager at Sun Chemical honored by NAPIM.

The packaging ink field is an area where innovation is essential. For Tom DeBartolo, a technical manager at Sun Chemical, developing new inks for packaging has been a way of life.

A look at some of the achievements Mr. DeBartolo, whose 30-plus year ink career began at Converters Ink before moving on to BASF and then Sun Chemical, is lengthy. His work on the first high opacity lamination white that delivered exceptionally high bonds for metallized PET lamination structures as well as cold seal adhesive release inks and coatings for the candy bar packaging market are still used today. He also developed high heat resistant surface print systems that would withstand 400°F heat seals with exceptionally high gloss, as well as one of the first low GC laminating ink systems to meet end-user specifications for retained solvents and bonds. On top of that, he holds patents in non-woven ink development.
“I was in total shock when I first received word of winning the award,” Mr. DeBartolo said. “It’s a great honor to receive this recognition by NAPIM and the industry.”

“Tom has demonstrated exemplary technical leadership and has made significant contributions to establish and maintain Sun Chemical as a technology leader in the markets that we serve,” said Russell Schwartz, chief technology officer, Sun Chemical.

“He is more than worthy of this prestigious award.”