John Hrdlick –INX International Ink

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.01.13

Senior vice president, COO and a member of the INX Board of Directors is honored by NAPIM.

For the past 39 years, John Hrdlick has seen it all in the ink industry, from the production floor and the labs to the board room, and he has always come through.

“I began college and learned very quickly that I wanted to get into the workplace sooner than later,” Mr. Hrdlick recalled. “You could still go that route in the 1970s and have a career.”

It has been an impressive career. After a brief period at Sinclair & Valentine, Mr. Hrdlick joined Acme Printing Ink in Milwaukee in 1978 as a third-shift worker. Acme would become part of INX International Ink in 1988, and Mr. Hrdlick moved up through the ranks over the years, from the lab to branch manager and vice president. Today, Mr. Hrdlick is senior vice president, COO and a member of the INX Board of Directors.

Rick Clendenning, president and CEO of INX International, said that Mr. Hrdlick’s career is full of accomplishments.

“He is very deserving of this award,” Mr. Clendenning added. “His hard work and dedication landed him a number of opportunities throughout the years and he responded by making the very best of each one. He is a true pioneer, and I’m happy to have NAPIM recognize him with this award.”

“Getting the award was a complete surprise and I felt very humbled,” Mr. Hrdlick concluded. “There are so many deserving individuals in our industry, and winning the award is something I will always remember well.”