Dan DeLegge – Inksolutions LLC

By David Savastano, Editor | May 1, 2013

Vice president smoke ’n’ mirrors for Inksolutions LLC honored by NAPIM.

When Dan DeLegge joined Lawter International as a bench chemist in 1982, he went to work for Lud Horn and Greg Borucki, two of the best minds in the business.

“I learned about varnishes from Lud Horn and Greg Broucki, who are still the two best varnish people in history,” Mr. DeLegge recalled.

Their lessons paid off; Mr. DeLegge, now vice president smoke ’n’ mirrors for Inksolutions LLC, received NAPIM’s Pioneer Award in 2013. He previously was honored with NAPIM’s TAM Service Award in 2008, as well as the Chicago Printing Ink Production Club’s Supplier of the Year Award in 2008.

Dan DeLegge, right, receives the Pioneer Award from NAPIM president George Sickinger
“I am absolutely thrilled,” Mr. DeLegge said. “It is a great honor to be among my idols in the industry.”

Coincidentally, John Jilek Sr. joined Lawter at the same time, and Mr. DeLegge and Mr. Jilek quickly became friends. In 2001, they left Lawter to form Inksolutions LLC.

“We at Inksolutions are very proud of Dan,” said Mr. Jilek. “He is extremely involved in NAPIM and NPIRI. We have worked together since we both joined Lawter, and started this company together. This award is very deserved.”

“We formed a friendship and partnership back in 1982 when we joined Lawter at the same time,” Mr. DeLegge said. “He taught me sales, and I attempted to teach him the technical side. Together we formed Inksolutions; it has been 12 years, and we are still going strong
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