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Arpro M-Tec Brings Expertise to Water-Based Metallic Flexo Ink Field

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 03.13.12

Arpro M-Tec Brings Expertise to Water-Based Metallic Flexo Ink Field

Arpro M-Tec Brings Expertise to Water-Based Metallic Flexo Ink Field

Arpro M-Tec, LLC
Morganton, NC 45401

Tel: 828 433-0699
Fax: 828 433-0697

Specialties: Water-Based Metallic and Specialty Inks for Flexo and Gravure
Metallic inks hold great allure for packaging. Brand owners are always searching for ways catch the eye of potential consumers, and metallics offer a way to differentiate their products on shelves.

However, metallic inks are challenging to manufacture and service, which is where Arpro M-Tec, LLC comes in. Founded in 2011 by Rajive Jhaveri, who has 27 years of experience in management and formulating inks for the printing industry, Arpro M-Tec is a water-based flexographic specialty ink manufacturer located in Morganton, NC.

Arpro M-Tec offers a number of high quality water-based metallic inks to the flexographic and rotogravure printing industry, as well as fluorescent inks, and also offers the capabilities to customize ink formulations for their customer’s specific applications.

“Our key markets are specialty inks typically used for wide web and narrow web flexographic/rotogravure printing,” said Mr. Jhaveri, Arpro M-Tec’s president. “As a specialty water-based ink manufacturer, Arpro M-Tec, LLC is a privately held company, positioning us to be unique in our ability to provide products that are specifically formulated for our customers needs.

Arpro M-Tec pays close attention to formulating products for performance, quality, low environmental impact and price competitiveness.”

Among the company’s product offerings is Meta-Flexeco, a mid-range particle size leafing silver. It provides excellent press performance, good brilliance and coverage on paper substrates. Meta-Flexeen is a small particle size premium grade silver ink, provides excellent brilliance and coverage and is designed for paper substrates, according to the company.

Meta-Flex PG is an advanced polymer chemistry and small particle size that provides excellent self-stability, press performance, high brilliance and coverage. The company said that it is truly one of the best metallic gold inks that is formulated for paper substrates on the market. Meta-Flex RG is similar to the Meta-Flex PG, but offered in a copper shade. Artec LDV is a balanced polymer and resin technology that has been incorporated to develop a let-down varnish that is specifically designed for carbon black pigment-based inks. Typically used as a sole vehicle when formulating black inks, Artec LDV inks display excellent gloss, density and press performance.

Meeting and exceeding their customers’ needs is a key priority for Arpro M-Tec.

“Our customers want the metallic inks to have excellent coverage, high brilliance, low gassing, low foaming and excellent press performance,” said Mr. Jhaveri. “As for the fluorescent inks, high strength, versatility to print on various substrates, shelf life stability and press performance are highly desirable.”

As with any smaller-sized ink company, customer service is of the utmost importance. Arpro M-Tec takes pride in offering a high level of customer service and technical support.

“Service and customization are very important to our customers and one area where Arpro M-Tec, LLC truly excels,” said Mr. Jhaveri. “Our customer service and technical teams gets personally involved with individual customer’s projects, from the initial outlining of the project until the final approval.”

Arpro M-Tec has high ambitions for the future. The company has plans to expand its product offerings and continue offering the high level of service its customers have come to expect.

“Arpro M-Tec, LLC, with its strong product lines and the ability to custom tailor specialty inks for our customers, will continue to add new specialty products such pearlescent, thermochromic and UV-based metallic inks and continuing to evolve and provide quality and performance values to our customers,” said Mr. Jhaveri.

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