Last Updated Tuesday, March 3 2015

BASF Concentrates on Alternatives to Lead Chromate Pigments

Published March 13, 2012
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BASF is going to stop producing lead chromate pigments by the end of 2014 at the latest, and concentrate worldwide on the production and marketing of alternative products. These are offered by the company for the yellow as well as the red color range. They include pigments sold under the brand names of Sicopal, Sicotan, Paliotan, T-Shade, Paliotol, Paliogen, Cromophtal, Irgalite, Cinquasia and Irgazin.
Recently, the process for approval prescribed under the European chemicals regulation REACH concerning these substances has been started. Hence, from May 2015, it will no longer be permitted to put into circulation lead chromate pigments without approval by the authorities.

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