CHINACOAT 2009 Preview

By Staff | 10.13.09

From Nov. 18-20, Shanghai will host CHINACOAT 2009, which has become the main attraction for companies looking to capitalize on China's growing market for coatings.

Since its inception in 1996, CHINACOAT has become the key event for coatings, printing inks and adhesives suppliers who wish to enter, expand and consolidate their positions in the Chinese market. In terms of exhibit size, number of exhibitors and visitors, CHINACOAT is now one of the largest coatings shows held in the world today and is organized by Sinostar International.

An annual event, alternating between the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai every November, CHINACOAT 2009 will return to Shanghai from Nov. 18-20 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

Despite the global financial crisis, CHINACOAT continues to grow. Sinostar anticipates more than 660 exhibitors from 26 countries and over 24,000 visitors at this year’s exhibition.

CHINACOAT Conference

The 7th CHINACOAT Conference will start two days prior to the exhibition from Nov. 16-17 in Ballroom A at the Sheraton Shanghai Hotel, Pudong. The conference – Automotive Finishes: Focusing on the Key Aspects of Durability & Ecology – will explore technologies for improving product quality and focus on long-term durability and ecology.

“It will highlight the problems and opportunities faced by the industry which is more dynamic than ever,” said Dip Dasgupta, chairman. “Commercial success no longer hinges on large volume but on sustainable performance.”

DSM NeoResins will be presenting an award for the best technical paper on waterborne technology at the conference.

Among the papers, Louis McCulloch of James Consulting in the UK will present “The Global Automotive Paints Market: Who is in the Driver Seat?”

Technical Workshops

Two technical workshops, “Design Optimization of Coatings and Inks Form­­ulations” and “Fundamental Principles of Coatings & Adhesives Formulation,” will be held on Nov. 18-19 in the meeting room of the exhibition venue.

These two workshops will cover fundamental principles involved in formulation development, from synthesis of novel resin binders, selection of raw materials, to design, characterization and optimization of coating and ink formulations.

The focus will be on both underpinning scientific principles and the latest tools. The workshops will be delivered in a highly interactive fashion and there will be opportunities for delegates to discuss their technical problems with the tutors.

Both workshop tutors, Prof. L. Lin and Dr. J. Hu, have many years of practical experience in development of novel coatings and inks for a large number of coatings and inks manufacturers worldwide.

Prof. Lin in “Design & Optimi­zation of Coatings and Inks Form­­ulations,” will discuss the importance and principles of formulation design and optimization; techniques and tools for formulation design and optimization; and lastly, offer examples of application.

Dr. Hu in “Fundamental Principles of Coatings & Adhesives Form­ulation,” will discuss principles of synthesis of resins for coatings and inks; the corelation between structure and properties of polymers; modern characterization technologies for coatings and adhesives; and lastly, innovative technologies for functional coatings and adhesives.

Also accompanying the CHINACOAT 2009 exhibition in addition to the technical workshops will be a series of more than 40 seminars given by technology pioneers and leading companies.

New-Tech Corner

This two-day event will feature informal presentations on technology advancement, case studies, novel technology, insights and strategies related to the following themes:

• Hygienic coatings.
• Silicone coatings.
• Smart additives.

This interactive platform for speakers and visitors will take place in Hall E3, meeting zone: E3C75-80.

National Presentations

After four successful previous presentations covering India, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Russia, Australia and Japan, for this year’s National Presentations, Sinostar has invited counterparts from the Philippines and Thailand to present an overview of their national coatings industry.

Bai Eason, president of Thai Paint Manufacturers Association, will present “Thai Coatings Industry Overview,” on November 18.

Ma Theresa Dumrique Abuel, president of the Philippines Association of Paint Manufacturer Inc., will present “The Influence of Raw Materials from China on the Philippines Paint Industry,” on Nov. 19.

For information on CHINACOAT 2009, please contact Sinostar, (852) 2865-0062; fax: (852) 2804-2256; e-mail: info@sinostar-intl.com.hk; web: www.chinacoat.net.

– Staff