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Porelon Leads Through Chemistry, Service and Innovation

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 07.21.09

Porelon Leads Through Chemistry, Service and Innovation

Porelon, a specialty ink and ink delivery systems company, was founded in 1959 by Sam Johnson as a division of the SC Johnson Company. The original intent of Porelon was to create micro-porous applications for the health and beauty industry and also to support several of the SC Johnson Company’s other product lines. Eventually the same technology was put to use in ink applications for a variety of surfaces, spanning everything from checks, ATM receipts and stock exchange tickets to tires and construction materials.

Porelon, now a division of Identity Group, has been manufacturing inks since 1974. “We make our own specialty inks for integration into different structures such as PVC gel rolls and pads,” said Stephanie Hinton, Porelon’s product manager. “We also make inks for porous and non-porous substrates as well as industrial ink jet inks.

“We have a variety of product platforms that include inks, gel products, salt-leached foams and blown polyurethane foams,” continued Ms. Hinton. “We can integrate our inks into these delivery systems or offer them as stand-alone products. Porelon was also one of the pioneers in high resolution ink jet inks for bar coding. Our fingerprinting pads used in law enforcement are recognized as the industry standard.”

Porelon has become successful by focusing on niche applications that many larger companies overlook.

“We focus on customizable solutions for very specific requirements,” said Phil Nathanson, vice president, sales and marketing for the company. “The fact that we produce our own inks, foams and gels enables us to custom design each component. The finished product incorporates customer specifications such as viscosity, surface tension, light fastness, weatherability, archivability, OCR readability and drop out.

“In our minds, there’s no specialty ink opportunity that’s too obscure,” added Mr. Nathanson. “We provide a variety of solutions to our customers’ printing and marking needs. Having experience in a wide variety of ink technologies and a broad spectrum of capabilities allows us to find sometimes unconventional and unique solutions.”

Porelon prides itself on its close relationship with its customers. “We consider ourselves to be a true partner with our customers, working together to develop custom inks and marking solutions,” said Ms. Hinton. “We possess both a variety of ink delivery systems and inks in our product development ‘tool box.’ In the R&D lab alone we have over 100 years making inks and structures and hold numerous patents.”

Providing a quality product and technical and customer service is a top priority for Porelon. “We want to exceed our customer’s expectations with innovative chemistries that get the job done and provide on-time delivery of quality product that we support and stand behind 100%,” said Ms. Hinton.

“Our customers have been telling us that we are unique in the marketplace, and we believe enhancing our development and sales assets will allow us to bring this uniqueness to a wider audience,” said Mr. Nathanson. “Sam Johnson’s creation of a company producing inks and porous structures has evolved into an innovative technical development organization producing creative custom solutions for unique challenges.”

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