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Graphic Utilities Excels in Designing High-Quality Inkjet Inks

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.02.09

Graphic Utilities Excels in Designing High-Quality Inkjet Inks

Graphic Utilities is a company born of a vision shared by Dr. Richard Crystal and Jacob Levy, nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Crystal, a retired PhD chemist for Xerox, and Mr. Levy, a longtime businessman and entrepreneur, combined their knowledge of ink chemistry and market demands to create Graphic Utilities, Inc. (GU), a company now known globally as a world-class inkjet ink designer and provider of solutions to the printing industry.

“Our humble beginnings in ribbons and print wheels soon led to the revolutionary new inkjet technology,” said Dana Fuller, new business development manager for Graphic Utilities.“We began by designing methods for refilling ink cartridges and inventing ink refill kits and bulk feed systems, anything we could do to introduce our inks to the consumer and make them aware that there was a reliable alternative to the OEM.”

By 2000, Graphic Utilities recognized that the industry of secondary desktop and wide format inkjet supplies was maturing and it was time to refocus the energies of the company.

“Many companies were now involved in remanufacturing and there was a definite need for quality inks,” Mr. Fuller said. “It was decided that we would concentrate on and invest in our core expertise: the formulation and design of inkjet inks.We now offer a wide range of desktop, wide format, postal, industrial and specialty inkjet inks that address a growing range of printing solutions.”

“What make us unique is our philosophy,” Mr. Fuller said.“We strive for clear communication in support of our customers, so we can give them what they need.Above all our key to success is our respect for our customers, as they pave the road to our future, and the respect and support of the GU team, who provide the tools that allow the company to follow that road.

“We are ink designers,” Mr. Fuller continued.We have inks that can be printed on most any substrate, from various coated papers to wood to film to metalized stickers.”As an example of a few of the latest ink technologies the company has developed, GU offers the following:

1) High Speed Quick Dry for industrial applications.GU has created a range of formulas that address many needs in black and color, both dye- and pigment-based.Uses range from mail addressing and inline package printing to security and lot coding.

2) Edible / food safe ink technology.GU’s inks are Kosher certified, and the uses range from printing cakes and confections to eggs to meat packing labels.“Our food safe and high speed quick dry technologies were combined to create inks for printing directly on medicines and packaging in the pharmaceutical industry,” Mr. Fuller added.

3) Natural colorants.Printing with organic colors has been in demand for some time now, particularly in Europe. “We have recently qualified a range of inks, using natural colorants for use in piezo systems,” Mr. Fuller noted. “Color gamut was a real challenge, but we have overcome that quite nicely.”

Graphic Utilities has worked very hard through the years to ensure they became the consummate ink designer and provider of solutions, as envisioned 20 years ago.

“We continue to expand our horizons by researching new inkjet applications and invite anyone in the inkjet printing industry to call on us for whatever need they might have,” Mr. Fuller concluded. “I am sure that Dr. Crystal and Mr. Levy are proud of what we have become.”

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