A conversation with: Rudi Lenz, Sun Chemical

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 08.07.08

For Rudi Lenz, president and CEO of Sun Chemical, 2008 marked the first time he has attended drupa

Rudi Lenz
as the leader of Sun Chemical, and he used the opportunity to its fullest by staying the entire 14-day run.
“I have met a lot of customers here, which is most important for me,” said Mr. Lenz. “It’s important that we listen to our customers.
The key to success is developing partnerships with customers, suppliers and co-suppliers to the industry.
“We are partnering with companies, and a lot of companies recognize that we really are a partner with them, helping them throughout their process,” Mr. Lenz said. “We truly understand what the total cost of print is and create a lot of value by eliminating waste. We are driving our quality, service and innovation.”
For example, Mr. Lenz pointed to Sun Chemical’s new HD Heatset ink line.
“Our new HD Heatset is ideal for lower weight paper,” Mr. Lenz said. “I’ve spoken with a lot of customers who are really impressed, because their big spending is on paper. We are working on ways to get lower temperatures and faster drying, as drying takes a lot of energy. We’re working with customers and paper manufacturers, and our customers recognize that we are taking the extra step.”
Mr. Lenz also spoke of the importance of the digital market as well as the conventional side of printing.
“We all talk about the digital market, although it is still expensive, but yes, it will come,” Mr. Lenz said. “But people are still buying conventional presses. The question is what the market share will be. We are driving to have digital as part of our offering.”
Raw material pricing is the major problem for the ink industry. “In terms of pricing, we are so far behind the 8-ball,” Mr. Lenz said. “We don’t get price increases as fast as they come to us. Some of our raw material prices change overnight.”
Ultimately, Mr. Lenz believes Sun Chemical’s efforts are paying off for his company and their customers.
“I think we have the right focus,” Mr. Lenz concluded. “Our customers are very positive, and our extra focus on quality, service and innovation is much appreciated.”