A conversation with: Kunio Sakuma, Toyo Ink

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 08.07.08

During drupa, Kunio Sakuma, president and CEO of Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reflected on the

Kunio Sakuma
 nature of Toyo Ink’s business.
“Our business focus is divided into two parts,” Mr. Sakuma said. “In mature markets like Europe and the U.S., the focus is on delivering innovation solutions and benefits as key growth drivers. In such markets there is a heightened interest in environment and green technology, digital technology and sustainable development. A continuous stream of innovation and new technology is essential to help us meet these needs and create new market opportunities.
“On the other hand, in emerging markets like India and China, where GDPs are growing at high rates, the challenge is to achieve and accelerate growth,” Mr. Sakuma added. “We are taking bold steps by developing production bases now and expanding our existing presence in the region.”
“We will pursue product development, market exploration and marketing-led business expansion and create new revenue growth,” Mr. Sakuma said. “Specifically, we will focus on expanding operations into growth areas and developing new products for rapidly changing markets. Globally, we will develop production bases in growth areas in China, Southeast Asia, India and other emerging countries, achieving growth by organically using these facilities. To develop changing and niche markets, we will focus on electronics, displays, automobiles, and environment and energy-related materials.”
Mr. Sakuma noted that Toyo Ink puts tremendous importance on the environment.
“The Toyo Ink Group maintains a strong focus on the environment and global coexistence as top priority issues of management,” Mr. Sakuma said. “We also have a longstanding track record in the development of environmentally friendly products and technology. Our LED curable ink, with its energy conservation benefits, is a good example of taking printing innovation to a higher level of environmental soundness.”