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Frimpeks Offers Full Package of UV Inks, Varnishes and Label Stocks

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.09.09

Frimpeks Offers Full Package of UV Inks, Varnishes and Label Stocks

The UV market is one of the fastest-growing areas in printing, and manufacturers are looking at ways to help provide customers with what they need. That idea fits in naturally with Frimpeks, a family-owned, Istanbul, Turkey-based specialist in UV. Frimpeks produces UV inks and varnishes as well as self-adhesive label stocks.

“This allows us to offer our customers the full package of labels, inks and varnishes,” Emre Sayer, general manager, Frimpeks, said. “It also allows us to test these products together.”

Founded in 1988, Frimpeks began to develop high performance ultra-violet (UV) products in 1996. Consequently, great contributions have been made in developing the UV technology in Turkey. In addition to its existing chemical products, the company started to produce UV-based inks in 2004 and became the first domestic producer in this field in Turkey.

“In 1996, we produced UV varnishes,” Mr. Sayer said. “In 2003, we developed UV inks for markets, particularly narrow web. In 2005, we introduced UV flexo and letterpress inks, and in 2006, we manufactured UV offset and screen inks.”

Considering the sensitivity for the environment, Frimpeks started production of ecological water-based dispersion varnishes, specialty primers and high quality flexo inks in 1999. In 2002, the company added self-adhesive label stocks to its production capabilities. Frimpeks also enlarged its export activities in EC countries, Middle East and Russia after its consistent development of high quality products, and today exports to 25 countries.

Frimpeks places major emphasis on R&D, with a team of 11 scientists and two labs working on innovations. Frimpeks’ UV printing inks have a fast cure response, thus allowing greater press speeds and faster turn around time. Due to their solventless composition, they are stable on the press and they cure immediately upon exposure to radiation.

For Frimpeks, the UV market is strong.

Emre Sayer, standing, at Frimpeks’ booth at drupa 2008.
“The UV market is very good,” Mr. Sayer said. “It is growing very fast in the Middle East and Turkey for UV inks and coatings. Many industries are going to UV, because productivity is very high.There is lots of competition but we are doing very well.”

The company is also branching out into the screen and security business.

“We are now active in the screen business, which is growing very fast in Eastern Europe and Turkey,” Mr. Sayer noted. “We are also concentrating on security inks, which is a growing niche market. Our customers have asked us to develop this.”

In addition to developing high-quality products, Frimpeks prides itself on superior and high quality service understanding.

“Customer service is very important to us,” Mr. Sayer said. “Because competition is very tough, if you don’t have good service, your customers will buy from your competitors.”

Considering the special demands of its customers, Frimpeks also produces tailor-made products, all with an eye toward providing unconditional customer satisfaction

“We work very hard on custom projects,” Mr. Sayer said. “We are trying to grow, because if you stop, you end up going backward.”

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Specialties: UV and water-based inks and varnishes; self-adhesive label stocks

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