NPIRI Printing Ink Technology Course

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.09.09

The 48th annual technical course, “Printing Ink Technology,” will be conducted at Fox Valley Technical College

The 48th annual technical course, “Printing Ink Technology,” will be conducted at Fox Valley Technical College, where attendees will receive a balanced mix of lectures and hands-on experience with production printing presses. Mark your calendars now for one of the industry’s premier events, which has attracted thousands of graphic arts professionals since 1960.

This broad, comprehensive course covers the scientific principles of printing ink rheology, dispersion and color, along with raw materials for packaging, publication and commercial printing applications. This knowledge is then practically applied by utilizing the presses at Fox Valley, covering all aspects of the printing process.

The NPIRI Summer Course gets a strong mix of attendees, including quite a few ink people. In speaking with a few of last year’s ink attendees, they said it was indeed worthwhile.

“The course was an excellent comprehensive introduction to liquid inks, paste inks and presses,” said Dr. Jose M. Lorenzo, manager – new product development for Colorcon, No-Tox Products Division. “The concepts were well presented theoretically and experimentally. The knowledge that I gained in the course has been very useful.”

“It was a very good course,” added Bhaumik Mehta, chemist, UV/EB inks and coatings at Ink Systems. “The course showcased all of the basics, and the advanced course was also interesting. The speakers came from an extensive background covering everything from inks, raw materials including pigments, resins and additives, substrates and equipment.”

“I found the NPIRI Summer Course to be extremely useful in many ways,” said Kevin Duchene, commercial ink division manager for Gans Ink & Supply. “Some of the best minds in the ink industry devote hours of time, in both formal and informal training sessions, to each attendee. The course broadened my understanding of the breadth of our industry, and how many other industries we as ink makers depend on.”

The ability to meet with industry leaders is also a key part of the NPIRI Summer Course.

“I found it an excellent opportunity for meeting and establishing working relationships with industry experts from other ink manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and raw material suppliers that could not exist in any other format,” Mr. Duchene said.

“The course was also a good opportunity to meet people in the industry,” Mr. Mehta noted.

The course features a notable group of ink industryexperts; the scheduled speakers include Byron Hahn of AMTI, Lisa Fine of Flexo Tech, Brian Chwierut of Sun Chemical, Matt McClure of Apollo Colors, JoAnn Arceneauxof Cytec, among others.

Don’t miss out; sign up today! Registration forms and additional information are available through the NAPIM office at 732-855-1525 or www.napim.org.