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Service, Quality are Keys to Strategic Ink Solutions' Growth

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.09.09

Service, Quality are Keys to Strategic Ink Solutions' Growth

In order to try to keep costs down, some larger ink manufacturers have implemented cost-cutting measures in a wide variety of areas. In some cases, these cuts have impacted the ability to provide customers with the service they were accustomed to receiving.

John Goles and Craig Brunk, two long-time ink industry veterans, were concerned that their customers were not getting the service they needed and deserved. With an eye toward providing excellent service and quality, Mr. Goles and Mr. Brunk set out to form a new ink company, Strategic Ink Solutions, near the end of 2006.

“Between John and myself, we have been in the ink and graphic arts industries for more than 60 years,” said Mr. Brunk, the company’s vice president, noting that Mr. Goles has more than four decades in the industry and Mr. Brunk more than 20 years. “The lack of service for our customers was starting to affect us, and we decided it was time to go out on our own.”

So far, their decision has paid off nicely, as Strategic Ink Solutions’ dedication to its customers has led togood growth even in these challenging times.

“We had a great first year,” said Mr. Brunk. “In spite of the economy’s effect on print, we are keeping our heads above water and are continuing to make some headway.”

The keys to the company’s growth are its service and quality, which are especially important in the sheetfed market. Aside from their ink industry careers, Mr. Goles and Mr. Brunk also worked as pressmen, so they understand the needs of their customers.

“We can bring technical assistance and good products to our customers,” Mr. Brunk said. “A lot of sales people in the ink industry today aren’t trained to provide technical service.”

In addition to its own manufacturing capabilities, Strategic Ink Solutions recently joined the Print Suppliers Group. This gives the company access to the Group’s product lines as well as access to its purchasing leverage.

“Joining the Print Suppliers Group gives us better buying power and also allows us to offer additional products,” Mr. Brunk said.

Having come from a background in pressrooms, Mr. Goles and Mr. Brunk believe that service is critical to printers.

“The big companies are looking to cut back their service, and I’m not sure that’s the best way to do business right now,” Mr. Brunk said. “You need to respond as quickly as you can, because printers need service right away sothey can meet the needs of their customers. Strategic Ink Solutions can offer printers excellent service much more quickly.”

As a result of its emphasis on service and quality, Strategic Ink Solutions is enjoying a successful beginning.

“We’ve had a great response and we have an excellent customer base,” Mr. Brunk concluded.

Strategic Ink Solutions
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