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BASF Corporation Names Dempsey as Distributor

May 9, 2008

BASF Corporation announced that it has extended Canadian distributorship of its full line of resins to Dempsey Corporation. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Dempsey has distributed a wide range of products throughout Canada and the U.S. since 1954.
“We very enthusiastically expand our relationship with Dempsey, and believe that they have the talent and expertise to drive sales of our resin products in the Canadian market,” said Roger Haigh, North American distribution manager for the resins division of BASF.
Dempsey Corporation is authorized to market and sell Joncryl, Basonat, Laroflex, Laromer, Laropal, Lucirin; Luhydran, Luron, Lutonal, Luwipal and Plastopal products for BASF.
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