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Vivid Colors Distributes World-Class Printing Inks

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 06.05.09

Vivid Colors Distributes World-Class Printing Inks

Vivid Colors, LLC was created in 2005 as a distributor of printing inks and suppliers. “We saw an opportunity to provide customers with quality products and the customer service we saw lacking from the other competitor’s companies,” said Terry Olson, part owner and technical sales representative at Vivid Colors, who added the company prides itself on handpicking all of its suppliers.

“They produce quality products and have tremendous technical support, creating peace of mind from start to finish for our customers. Our suppliers are a valuable asset to the growth of Vivid Colors and are giving us the support we need in helping us to continue to grow. For example, Van Son Holland Ink, with whom we have an exclusive contract in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, is our major supplier of inks and a recognizable leader in our industry.”

According to Mr. Olson, Vivid Colors’ target customers are printing companies seeking a full service ink supplier with the ability to produce quick and consistent products at a competitive price.

“Vivid Colors offers sheetfed, heatset, forms and UV inks in both process and spot colors,” he added. “Technical support is always available either by phone or on site.”

Vivid Colors has grown since its inception. “At first when Vivid Colors was created, we were servicing about 55 customers,” said Mr. Olson. “We have continued to grow due to our customers’ confidence in the products we supply and our reputation as a service oriented distributor of world-class printing inks.

“Vivid Colors has spent a great deal of time carefully analyzing the markets and developing products that most closely appeal to those markets,” Mr. Olson continued. “Vivid Colors has a large advantage over our competitors with our plan to stay small enough to custom blend from bases and leading-edge sources like Van Son. Unlike most of our competitors who have to buy from their companies, we have the opportunity to go to the open market for raw materials which would be better suited for better results when formulating ink.”

According to Mr. Olson, experience and an unwavering dedication to customer service are what makes Vivid Colors unique. The staff has a vast amount of knowledge to offer its customers. “Our company is very motivated and eager to satisfy the customers’ needs and to exceed their expectation of service,” said Mr. Olson. “With the new employees we will be able to continue our excellent service.”

Vivid Colors’ team includes Mr. Olson, who has been part of the printing industry for more than 30 years, including three years as vice president of sales and operations, 15 in printing ink and sales, 10 years as a pressman, as well as experience as a pressroom and plant manager.

The operations performed in the company’s lab for manufacturing and mixing inks require a highly skilled professional. Joe Jolly fits this role with 25 years of extensive experience. In addition, Vivid Colors has recently hired a new sales/technical person to help service its accounts. Mike Deutschman has been in the printing industry for 22 years as a pressman and also as a pressroom manager.

The company has ambitious plans for its future, with plans to expand into new markets. “In the next few years we will devote our efforts to the growth of Vivid Colors,” said Mr. Olson. “We will be mixing and selling paste ink such as sheetfed, coldset web, heatset and UV, then advancing to liquid inks such as flexo, flexo UV and coatings. Vivid Colors is excited and enthusiastic about our future. Our mission is to provide our customers with personal attention, including personal visits and hand deliveries. The growing trend in this industry is our competitors are cutting back on technical support and customer service. We see this as an open door for Vivid Colors to supply the customer service lacking from our competitors.”

Vivid Colors LLC
571 Shoreview Park Road
Shoreview, MN 55126
Tel: (612) 741-8867
Specialties: Sheetfed, heatset,
forms and UV inks in both
process and spot colors