Jrg-O. Seeger - Hostmann-Steinberg, Inc. USA

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 11.27.07

After hubergroup acquired Micro Inks in late 2005, the task of integrating the North American

Jörg-O. Seeger
operations of Hostmann-Steinberg was given to Winfried Gleue, president and CEO of the company’s Canadian operations.
hubergroup management has now decided to have two business entities serving the North American segment. In June, Jörg-O. Seeger was placed as  president and CEO of Hostmann-Steinberg, Inc. USA, with Mr. Gleue leading the Canadian business segment as president and CEO.  
Mr. Seeger comes from Hamlen, Germany, and prior to joining the company 12 years ago, he was a printer. At hubergroup, he has held various leadership roles, beginning as a technical applications manager web and sheetfed worldwide. After then acting as a market manager coldset, he served as the export director of Michael Huber Muenchen.     
For the past three years, Mr. Seeger has been managing director for Huber Italia, and he is looking forward to his new role in the U.S.
“We have opportunities here,” Mr. Seeger said. “We have a good team here, and we want to sell value to our customers. The U.S. market is one of the largest in the world, and we have only a limited market share and we as Hostmann-Steinberg want to grow. We have very good products and especially with our new product line, which is now available for all offset segments, we are very excited to grow this market. The new qualities, called !NKREDIBLE, are better than anything the hubergroup had to offer before. More stability in the printing-process, cost reduction due to the fact of less waste and several more points! With this technology in our hands, we want to reach 10 to 15 percent marketshare in the next five years.”