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Passion for Ink Industry is Key to Fluid Sciences' Success

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.24.09

Passion for Ink Industry is Key to Fluid Sciences' Success

Having a passion for whatever you do, whether it is at home or at work, makes a major difference. Quite simply, if you love what you do, that passion will come through.

For Perry Auton, president of Fluid Sciences Inc., a Rock Hill, SC-based specialist in water-based flexo inks, UV inks and coatings, the passion for the ink industry has been key in the company’s success in its four years in the business.

“The most important thing you can bring to any business is passion for the industry,” Mr. Auton said. “Our passion is definitely seen by our customers. I have a joy in coming to work every day.”

Even as a child, Mr. Auton aspired to be a business owner, and when he first joined the ink industry nearly 20 years ago, he knew he had found the perfect business for him.

“When I first got into the ink business, I knew the ink business and I were perfect for each other,” he said. “Once you join the business, ink seems to flow through your system.”

Mr. Auton worked with a number of ink manufacturers, learning the flexo ink side of the business from the ground up.

“I started with a flexo ink company performing all types of jobs, and went right into R&D,” Mr. Auton recalled. “After leaving there, I joined another ink company and started their flexo ink business.”

Four years ago, Mr. Auton’s decided the time was rightto start his own business.

“I had the desire to own a business since childhood, and after working with some ink companies to grow their flexo ink sales, I got to the point where if I ever was going to start my own business, the time was right,” Mr. Auton noted.

Fluid Sciences specializes in the tag and label, carton, packaging and envelope markets, and Mr. Auton said it is rewarding to see his company’s hard work on display in stores.

“Walking through the supermarket, I can say our talents are integral in making this packaging or this label,” he noted.

Service and quality are keys to Fluid Sciences’ success. The team at Fluid Sciences has many years of industry experience and press room knowledge, which allows it to provide a variety of services to accompany its inks and coatings.

As for its products, Fluid Sciences’ Accu line of inks have made strong inroads in the market. In particular, AccuGloss inks formulated for paper, board and various top-coated films and foils, have had good success in the marketplace, while the company’s AccuFilm, AccuMet metallic and AccuBrite fluorescent inks, AccuExtra high-strength inks, AccuThermal inksand most recently, AccuStable water-based flexo inks, which utilize a unique chemistry that has proved to be very stable on press, have also helped make a difference for customers.

That drive to make a difference for their customers sets Fluid Sciences apart.

“Our passion differentiates us,” Mr. Auton said. “We are ink people. Service, products, quality and relationships are all important. If you don’t put an emphasis on everything, you’re lacking somewhere.”

All told, the future looks bright for Fluid Sciences.

“We’re growing well,” Mr. Auton said. “I look at the timing, and the fact that we have had success in these difficult economic times says something for us. We’ve shown quite a bit for success and we have opportunities on the horizon.”

Fluid Sciences Inc.
303 Church St.
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Phone: (803) 329-6622
Fax: (803) 329-6644
Specialties: Water-based flexo inks, UV inks and coatings

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