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Lindgens Offers Complete Focus on Metal Decorating

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 12.03.09

When a company is able to completely focus on a single market, the advantages it can provide its customers are tremendous.

Such is the case for Lindgens Metal Decorating Coatings & Inks. Lindgens was formed in 2005, with its total emphasis on the metal decorating inks and coatings market. The newly-formed Lindgens group of companies was established when the management of the company took over the entire metal decorating operation from Flint Ink Corporation and XSYS Print Solutions Lindgens. With this move, the company became the first independent group of companies focusing solely on the metal decorating product area.

Jan Koivula, CEO of Lindgens, said that in the past, metal decorating was supplied by ink and paint companies that did not consider the segment to be a core business. Lindgens was formed by senior management to address all aspects of metal decorating.

“Metal decorating is an application for both inks and coatings,” Mr. Koivula said. “What we started to talk about was that this is kind of borderline between inks and coatings and doesn’t fit into either. We decided to be the business dedicated solely to metal decorating inks and coatings.”

Lindgens manufactures and markets complete system solutions of coatings and inks for the metal packaging industry. The headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden, is also the main plant for basic production. Product development teams in Helsingborg and Cologne have created a strong product portfolio, as a result of many years of experience in the worldwide market, and also can supply ready-made system solutions for every conceivable application.

“We have long experience on the technical side,” Mr. Koivula said. “ The best technology is an absolute necessity to be in the market. Reliable products of very high quality, rapid reactions to a constantly-changing market and a level of service that satisfies the needs of customers are the trump cards of our new organization.”

Presently, Lindgens has its headquarters in Sweden, with branches in Cologne, Germany and Staffordshire, UK. The new group of owners, who all have sound experience in the sector, is made up of key individuals from the former management teams in Sweden, Germany and the UK.

“We’ve increased the efficiency of our organization, but broadly speaking we’ve stayed on in our former jobs, so it’s business as usual,” Mr. Koivula said.

The company also has well-developed distribution networks in numerous other countries. Opportunities are coming up worldwide for Lindgens, and there are plans for expansion, particularly in the North American marketplace.

“Today we are very much centered in Europe, where we have the majority of our business,” Mr. Koivula said. “In May, we made our first sales into the U.S. 3-piece flat sheet market. By next year, we believe we will supply 20 percent to 30 percent of the flat sheet printing ink market in the U.S. It’s very promising.”

Mr. Koivula noted that response from customers has been enthusiastic.

“The reaction has been very positive from our customers,” he said. “We have not lost a single customer and are growing faster than our expectations.”

“We are differentiating ourselves by our focus on metal decorating,” Mr. Koivula concluded. “It is our core business, and we can take the whole responsibility. We supply both inks and coatings to customers, and that will make the difference.”

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