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Digital Printing Technologies Offers Inks for Digital Textile Inkjet Printing

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 12.03.09

The creation of Digital Printing Technologies (DPT), a manufacturer of digital textile printing inks, began with a pair of entrepreneurs. Gayle Zreliak is the owner of a successful garment embellishment company that has been in her family for more than 30 years. John Matthews had also established a reputation in the garment embellishment industry, and has been a partner with Ms. Zreliak in other business ventures. The two partners were searching for other intriguing business opportunities, and through global contacts, discovered the novel suite of inks that would become the genesis of DPT. The creation of a strategic alliance allowed the partners to bring the inks to the North American market and create DPT in January 2005.

DPT works hard to provide the textile printing industry with inks that can print on a wide variety of textile goods. The Reno, NV-based manufacturing company manages the licensing and distribution of new ink technology. Although a relatively new player, DPI has developed a number of innovative inks for the digital textile printing industry. 

“We offer three types of ink,” said Mr. Matthews, DPT’s managing director. “EZtrans Ink is a premium transfer ink. Imprés Ink is a direct to garment CMYK inkjet ink which is used to print on white or light-colored garments. ColorMaxx Ink is our proudest achievement. ColorMaxx Ink includes CMYK and white ink. All of our inks are wash fast, color fast and bleach resistant. We are also in the process of adding other innovative and technologically advancedofferings to our product lineup. DPT will also be adding printers to our product array in the future.”

DPT is constantly working to innovate. “We are constantly working to stay on the leading edge of new technology,” said Mr. Matthews. “As DPT participates in the development of new technology, our company expands to develop markets for our new product offerings.”

According to Mr. Matthews, DPT’s inks utilize ColorFuse technology, a method of bonding pigments more securely to the substrate.“They have superior wash fastness and color fastness,” said Mr. Matthews. “They are created with pigments that are for the sole use of DPT in the U.S. Our inks also withstand bleach and sun better than the competition. Through the use of our ColorFuse technology, DPT has created inks that adhere more completely to the substrate, providing for sharper prints and brighter, more vivid color.

“DPT also offers one of the few white inks available in the U.S.,” said Mr. Matthews. “Our ColorMaxx Ink prints bright white and brilliant color, allowing for the printing of vibrant images on dark textiles. ColorMaxx Ink is also specially formulated to be the perfect density–thick enough to sit atop the substrate, thin enough to flow smoothly through the printheads.”

DPT has ambitious plans for the future, and is currently looking for distributors. “Our ultimate target market is the end user of digital textile printing products,” said Mr. Matthews. “We want to see our premium textile inkjet inks in as many venues as possible.

“We are currently working to develop various innovative and technologically advanced products that will revolutionize the digital textile printing industry,” said Mr. Matthews. “We also plan to add a line of digital textile inkjet printers to our product offerings.”

As DPT continues to grow, Mr. Matthews said he is “confident it will be revealed as a company on the leading edge of the digital textile inkjet printing revolution.”

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