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Focused R&D for New Digital Inkjet Inks and Dispersions

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 12.03.09

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company that has since 1995 specialized in the research and development of innovative digital piezo inkjet inks and dispersions for a wide range of new digital printhead technologies.

With new digital piezo inkjet printhead technologies being introduced using new digital piezoelectric techniques such as shear mode actuation and the recently introduced Shaped Piezo Silicon incorporating MEMS technology, it is imperative therefore that new inks and dispersions are developed to cater to new market requirements around the world.

“Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd has accepted this challenge, and as a focused research and development company consistently spends more than 30 percent of the company’s annual turnover on research and development,” said Michael Mahoney, managing director, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd.

“Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd, through our extensive efforts in research and development, has developed specific expertise in the rheological optimization of jetting fluids and importantly nano-grinding technology and pigment stabilization.Our expertise was acknowledged by Dimatix/Spectra, whom appointed us as an official ink partner in 2003.”

As technology innovators, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is now well placed to offer high-performance traditional inks and nano-particle fluids for use on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates.

The company’s current product range includes inks and dispersions developed for use in CIJ, DOD, Trident Hi Resolution, Xaar, Spectra and Hewlett Packard piezo technologies.

“We are presently in the process of commercializing a number of new technologies. One in particular is our new digital time temperature sensor patented ink technology,” said Mr. Mahoney. “Unlike many other inkjet ink companies operating in the world today, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd does not manufacture and sell products direct to the end-user, preferring to develop strategic relationships with distributors, system integrators and OEMs.”

The company recently completed development of a new range of inks for Metal Sign and Label Pty Ltd, a digital printer of anodized aluminum labels.

According to Mr. Mahoney, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd has ambitious plans to expand beyond Australia and capitalize on its recent relocation and expansion to a new 10,000 square meter facility.

“Our company’s ethos is ‘we are the manufacturing arm of our customers,’ thus we welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop and maximize your company’s ideas and market opportunities,” said Mr. Mahoney.

“We are trying very hard to establish worthwhile international relationships with other companies and have recently carried out a 1000 flyer mail out to contacts around the world in an attempt to increase the awareness of our company,” said Mr. Mahoney. “Whilst we are a relatively small R&D company, we have established a high degree of technical expertise in digital piezo inkjet ink development which many international companies may be able to benefit from.”