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‘Quality without Compromise’ is Pertech Printing Inks’ Way

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 12.03.09

In 1989, Peter Reissig, an engineer with K+E Printing Inks in Germany,decided he wanted to start out on his own, moving to the U.S. to open his own ink business. Setting up his business, Pertech Printing Inks, in northern New Jersey, Mr. Reissig reached out to K+E and became its first U.S. distributor.

That relationship has proved to be a successful one. Pertech Printing Inks has become one of the leading sheetfed ink suppliers on the East Coast. Since then, Mr. Reissig and Pertech Printing Inks have developed relationships with other leading German printing ink manufacturers, and is now a key member of the Print Suppliers Group, a consortium of family-owned ink businesses that are pooling their resources to both leverage their purchasing power and create a distribution network to sell their own national brand of ink.

Today, Pertech Printing Inks has its headquarters in Elizabeth, NJ. It has branches in Rochester, NY, and Pittsburgh, PA, as well as numerous in-plants. In addition, the company is looking at opportunities to set up branches in the New England area.

“We are strong in New Jersey, New York City and Long Island, upstate New York as far north as Rochester, Connecticut, Massachusetts and in Pennsylvania as far west as Pittsburgh,” said Marlon Tusche, vice president of sales and marketing for Pertech Printing Inks.

The company’s slogan is “Quality without Compromise,” and Pertech Printing Inks lives up to that motto. In addition to K+E, which Mr. Tusche said is considered the oldest sheetfed ink brand in the world with more than 100 years behind it, and its other German inks, the company also blends, formulates and matches inks for its customers.

Mr. Tusche said the company takes great pride in its quality and service.

“Our strengths are our service and high end quality products,” Mr. Tusche said. “We are here for our customers at all times, whether its weekdays, weekends or holidays. We work with our customers to fingerprint their presses and assist with technical issues that occur. It is very much a partnership. We have very good technical and sales people, and every employee at Pertech can do everything.”

Among its best-selling products are its Novastar 4-color process sheetfed inks, and its Starbrite and Novabryte hybrid UV inks. The company also features other products for printers, including aqueous coatings, Perfect Dot printing blankets and coating blankets.

At a time when many other companies are pulling back their operations, Pertech Printing Inks is growing. The company is completing work on its new web site. Among its features, the site will offer opportunities for customers to e-mail technical questions withthe guarantee of receiving answers within a specified amount of time.

Meanwhile, Pertech Printing Inks continues to expand its Northeast operations, and is considering opening branches in Connecticut and Massachusetts in 2006.

With all of this in place, Pertech Printing Inks will undoubtedly continue to be a major force in the Northeast regional sheetfed ink market in the coming years.

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