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Graphic Ink Systems is One-Stop Source for Quality Ink, Service

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 12.02.09

Providing quality ink and service is the key to success in any market segment, and sheetfed ink is no exception. The ability to work closely with customers makes a major difference when it comes to selecting an ink supplier, and it is the reason why so many small regional sheetfed ink manufacturers thrive.

It is that ability to deliver excellent quality and service that has helped Quality Ink Systemssucceed in the sheetfed, no-heat forms and heatset ink markets. Located in Bristol, WI,Quality Ink Systems has developed a devoted following inWisconsin and Illinois.

Quality Ink Systems was founded by Dave and Toni Scott seven years ago. While Quality Ink Systems opened its doors back in 1998, today its leaders trace their roots back to diverse companies, including Graphic Fine Color, Sinclair & Valentine and Flint Ink.

All told, the company’s leaders have more than 100 years of combined experience, and they bring that experience to all aspects of the industry, beginning with customer service. They believe that building strong relationships and developing constant communication are the keys to everyone’s success.

Roger March, plant operations, lab manager and part-owner, joined the company in 2000, and liked the idea of being with an independent.

“I had heard about Graphic Ink Systems through the grapevine and I very much liked what I saw,” Mr. March said. “I liked the idea of being with an independent ink company, where decisions could be made on the spot to take care of your customers.”

Quality Ink Systems offers full support to its customers, offering 24-hour service and full technical assistance to ensure that pressrooms runs efficiently, with no downtime.

“We are very customer-service oriented,” Mr. March said. “We have quick turnaround. If a customer wants something, we’ll get it to them without having to go through numerous corporate levels like larger companies do. What may take another ink company a few days, we can do in three or four hours, and large companies just can’t do that anymore.”

To go along with its service, Graphic Ink Systems has developed a wide range of quality inks at competitive prices, including sheetfed, soy forms, laser compatible, no-heat and heatset web. All product lines can be specially formulated to meet specific needs of the customer, at no additional cost.

“Together, our sales leaders, Dave, James Scott and myself have more than 80 years experience in the ink industry. Our technical background is strong,” Mr. March said. “We have very strong relationships with our vendors as well as our customers. If we don’t know an answer, we won’t stop until we find it. It’s a team effort.”

Graphic Ink Systems is led by Dave Scott and his wife, Toni, who serves as operations manager and corporate president. James Scott, Dave’s father, focuses on technical sales in Chicago, and Bill Scott, Dave’s brother, helps handle the lab along with Mr. March. Jenny Scott, Dave’s sister-in-law, leads the customer service department, and Gary Moss, not directly related to the Scotts, but considered as though, heads up the Illinois plant. Along with their many other team members, today, Graphic Ink Systems is reaching new heights.

“The last two years have seen tremendous growth,” Mr. March said.

As one might expect from a small independent ink company, Graphic Ink Systems very much has a sense of family to it, beginning with its devotion to its customers. Servicing customers will always come first in the minds of the team at Graphic Ink Systems.

“Our major forte is customer service,” Mr. March said. “It gives us the opportunity to get to know our customers and what they need, and after all, the bottom line is that if you don’t have customers, you have nothing.”

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