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Pröll KG Prides Itself on Service and Innovation

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.30.09

In 1938, Herman Proell entered the screen printing ink industry, and established the first plant specializing in manufacturing screen printing inks in Nuremberg, Germany.

Since then, Pröll KG has become a leader in the screen and pad printing industry, making its name for innovation through research. The company has grown over the years, and in particular, the company’s unique in-mold decoration (IMD) inks have become the standard for the screen industry.
“We are a traditional yet modern ink company that specializes in making inks for pad and screen printing,” said Stefan Zah, who works on sales promotions at Pröll KG. “We make specialized inks for customers who have specialized applications, such as high temperature resistant inks up to 300°C for direct molding.”

R&D is the lifeblood of Pröll KG, as its lab is run by highly qualified chemists and engineers who constantly research new processes and work to make even further improvements to well-established products.

“We have seven doctors of chemistry who are part of our excellent R&D team,” Mr. Zah said.

Considering the company’s emphasis on R&D, it comes as no surprise that Pröll KG brought a tremendous number of innovative new products to Drupa 2004.

Among these, Noricryl is a new IMD screen printing ink for the film insert molding technique, and is specially designed for the IMD technology using Plexiglas films. Noricryl is extremely flexible, resistant to high temperatures and allows injection molding to be performed directly onto the ink. Noricryl is used to decorate lenses and housings of mobile phones, panels and bezels of car interiors as well as housings and displays of medical devices.

Noriphan HTR is a well established IMD ink system for the film insert molding technique. It is designed for decorating polycarbonate films. Numerous series products are manufactured for automobile interiors such as climate control panels, control switch panels and speedometer panels, for keypads, lenses and housings of mobile phones, for panels of household appliances as well as for high-grade cosmetic packaging.

To optimize customer support, Pröll Services GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Pröll KG in 1994. Pröll offers a broad scope of services for pre-press work, especially in the areas of screen stretching and stencil production. The staff is made up of certified printing technicians and experienced screen printers, and constantly improving and maintaining services on a state-of-the-art level is always a top priority.

“Customer service is so important,” Mr. Zah said. “We are very close to our customers.”

The company has developed an international reputation, with distributors in Japan and China. In 1998, the company opened Proell, Inc. in St. Charles, IL, which serves as both a central warehouse and service center for the U.S. and Canada. A state-of-the-art lab makes it possible to fill a customer’s requirements promptly, which means even special colors are available in no time.

The requirements for screen and pad printers continue to evolve, and Pröll KG is right there to provide the expertise and service to help meet those needs.